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{Phloxe | ♂ | ♉}

Hey everyone! i'm jawn. i live with two really good people and two really really good cats (and a few reptiles) i currently juggle some personal problems and have very little time to actually be online and talk to people!

i love bright colors, pastels, original species, and good food!!

my journals show the most up to date info!

Phloxe F.A.Q | T.O.S |

Designs you can try to bribe me with

please do not ask if i am selling or trading any of my characters. if i have not explicitly stated so then they are not for sale.


art by Verlidaine





The Babs

Goals and Aspirations

Things i'd like to accomplish within the year
-completely finish filling the bab group
-finish trait charts for all of my species
-develop the prima lore and figure out how they evolve
-make the bab and prima groups super groups and host events on both
-complete at least 5 fully rendered background images
-make references for at least 10 characters
-start the masterlist account up and add in at least all of the non bab species
-100% of my to-do list!!!!!

Currently Working on...
-to do list
-how to word currently decided bab lore
-how primas evolve
-a co owned species with burrdog



Are there customs?
Customs are few and far between, they do not happen often but once in a while, i'll have a poll up talking about getting a thing in exchange for a custom. if you happen to have designs in here: Designs you can try to bribe me with
there is a big possibility of being able to bribe customs from me! i am currently very interested in minkin from sa1bot and edelilah ! (i won't accept one minkin in exchange for a bab. anything else you can get for a single min)

Can I make my own?
please do not. MYOs are closed indefinitely and will never be open again. i'm very sorry.

Will there be customs soon?
i'm not counting on any customs soon. i want to open up regular commissions and then work my way towards proper customs.

How much are customs?
ok so i'm giving $100 as a base price. i will not keep to this and it may change in the future.


Super Important: Choose a color 

109 deviants said Teal
84 deviants said Pink
81 deviants said Blue
72 deviants said Warm Purple
65 deviants said Deep Purple
54 deviants said Green
54 deviants said Indigo
50 deviants said Red
49 deviants said Orange
22 deviants said Yellow


Art Commissions: CLOSED
no current plans to open. please refer to my journals to see any updates

| Art Trades: friends/idols only |
| Design Trades: closed, available if you have adopt from this folder |
| Requests: Never |

Characters | Tumblr

Customs: CLOSED
(i DO NOT reserve slots)

customs will be on a journal by journal basis! if you don't see any recent custom journals they're not open!

Species Groups
:iconmantipalooza: | :iconleloko-garden: | :iconprima-ciel:

please note: MYOs are closed INDEFINITELY. please do not ask.


art by Verlidaine

Things to do

list is not in to-do order!


-Jellygay - comm
-YuriStorm -2 char sketches
-Icarusis -2-3 minis
-Toothphaste - 2 pieces

-starconsumer - Critter
-Waschmittelpulver - Pawbird
-crowlets - Skullcracker
-:devcawinator: - Kanti
-Madam-Chair - skullcracker
-Pudingi - bab

-countercanon-design trade
-YuriStorm a bab!
-TwitchyWitch - bab for teal bab
-:devnox-xious: -2 babs for 2 plushes! (done their half!)
-Hauket - bab in exchange for otterpop
-:devbeagaltach: - bab and skullcracker :star::star-half:
-PaleBlueRoses for Jade-Katt - critter for minkin
-Hauket-nebula payment
-Lunecy - bab for tsimu
-crowlets - skull cracker for blazing sky ld
-ButterMaster - bab for ld and cou
-WellHidden - bab
-royalteal - bab for cou+poshiri
-Pieology - bab for myo pink bab ;3c
-VlLHO - bab for cou+min
-Panneh - bab for roo+nyb
-kuritures - skullcracker for roo

Base Transfers
-crowlets -crushin' cruiser sc :star:
-SA1B0T -fairy puff sc
-Rianach -nimbus sc
-kuritures -harda** sc
-Verlidaine - lop bab
-jaywalkings - bab
-teekyo - purple bab
-sablepuss - double bab base
-NadopT - double bab base
-Lilimuth - double bab base
-leekbutt - double bab base
-teekyo - double bab base
-Alunaa - bab
-starconsumer - bab
-Pieology - bab
-Snappledragons -bab
-:devbeagaltach: - bab
-owlity - bab

-Mangoswirls - Minkin
-starconsumer - Bab
-leekbutt - Ren Fair
-OnionGrump - Weaver
-FlickaBee - Fumi :star:

-TsunaChu - fox
-Shecatigans - griffin
-:dev: - dog
-bellpup - cat

-Pieology -prima edits
-BlazeDeNosferatu - juicyfruit bab edits

updated 8/2

-:dev: -

My Species (current status))

{Custom Tickets}

custom tickets are tickets that can be traded in for a custom at a later date. these custom ticket are able to be traded in once i have finished at least 90% of my queue.

Ticket List

for a minkin
type: common - uncommon kanti

for an enchanter minkin
type: common - uncommon mantibab

for 2 minkin!
type: common - uncommon mantibab


Nov 27, 2015
1:30 pm
Nov 27, 2015
1:15 pm
Nov 27, 2015
1:00 pm
Nov 27, 2015
12:20 pm
Nov 27, 2015
11:28 am

Jawn is a weak man

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My Pokefarm Q Account

My pokesona! Sylveawn :3c pokefarm Q is like really fun and simple aha. i can't stop


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SparrowWolfy Featured By Owner 5 days ago
your webcam
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Your art is so colorful and amazing *A*

Makes me feel all fuzzy and fabulous. Idk why fabulous... like... everything sparkles when I see your work XD

Worth watching and continue the awesome work! :D
susling Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

hey i was just wondering if you had gotten my note regarding my design update for a flower critter? I know you are knees high in notes so I apologize if this is a stressful comment you are receiving!
cerullia Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Student General Artist
oooooo I love!!!
KenotheWolf Featured By Owner Edited Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just in case no one told you already:

This user on Pinterest tries to give away/sell your stuff. (including Minkins and stuff from Hauket)
It says ''comment to adopt'' and ''character XXX is mine''… (actually its not the person who pinned it, Pinterest is really confusing)…
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