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October 25, 2013
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HB - Werebab {Closed!} by PhloxeButt HB - Werebab {Closed!} by PhloxeButt
____ is an extremely docile bab, always looks at the floor when someone is facing in their direction. they're super shy and sad and like to be alone most of the time. 

____ is a huge pushover and gets stepped on a lot. they were weak. during a full moon they decided to take a walk in the woods to clear away their negative feelings. __ didn't expect to get attaked by a monster. 

but they didn't die. in fact after the attack was over ___ felt better than ever. the monster was nowhere to be found and their "wounds" were gone. ___ guessed they had imagined the whole thing and went on with their sad sad life.

a month later there was a fun event/festival/carnival like thing going on that ___  was dragged to by the people who hated them. they were beaten, laughed at, tied up and eventually shackled down in the center of the whole event where people would sneer and throw things at them. . but ___ was a spineless bab who felt they deserved the treatment, they must've done something to deserve this. with the moon starting to appear ___ didn't know why they suddenly felt so good. everything was getting hazy, they realized they were moving on their own accord. the chains snapped, or was that the entire podium he was tied to/  everything went by so fast, by the time _____ regained their senses everything had already passed. babs littered the floor, nearly everything was ripped to pieces. ___ felt so rejuvinated and happy and that terrified them. scared, confused, and slightly gleeful ___ ran off into the wilderness...

-werebab has the strength of like 30 babs i swear, probably more. 
-extremely violent in werebab form, they loose their mind and go bezerk. 
-could this bab learn to control this ability? probably. 
-their howl sends chills down the spine of any bab that hears.

-they are extremely fast, ferocious, and feral and cannot recal what they do in werebab form (at first)
-fog/mist seems to surround this bab, they can blend into it and prowl without being sighted. 

-werebab reverts back to normal bab form after they exhaust themselves and can transform every night. (fullmoon is when they are strongest and is what triggered the werebab gene, since then they have been able to turn each night.)

-please know that the story i give the bab is just what i thought of while designing. you can change the story/add your own bits to it as long as the bab was not born with the werebab gene.

#2!! wowie *U* i really like this one <3 ugh please excuse my writing i keep trying to make them gender neutral and i can't write in the first place so pfft gomen ahah

{Werebab Auction}

Starting Bid: $15
Min Bid Incriment: $3
AutoBuy: $130 (this is indeed high, if you don't like it please move along)

{Auction Rules}
-Paypal only (USD)
-refrain from any rude/negative sarcastic comments about pricing, other bidders, the design, etc etc
-reply to the highest bidder to let them know they've been outbid.
-have $$$funds by the time the auction ends. in other words, do not bid with money you do not have.
-repeat bidders who retract their bids will eventually be blacklisted for my auctions. (i will let the first few times go but if you just retract your bid every auction i will blacklist you)
-if i do not recieve payment within 24 hours of invoicing you the adopt will go to the next bidder.

Auction will end October 26th, on SATURDAY at 10 PM pst (california time -8 or something.)

Owner: =iinky-paws
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SkyraFire Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i just can't stop saying that i love this ;A;, what program do you use? I mostly use GIMP but that isn't really working out for me, neither is
paexiedust Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
I need a paypal ;n;
Xeluu Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, so cool! I love the fact that the braid is still present in the werebab form. And the horns got a little longer in that form too, didn't they?
PhloxeButt Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh man thank you!
and yes the braids do stay and sometimes more appear wahahah. ah yeah yeah when he turns into werebab he's a lot larger in general <3 horns get a bit longer, teeth get longer as well *U* 
LaBellaPelliccia Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(Smacks my wallet for not having cash) 

Man phloxe, how do you do it? This bab is spectacular and I simply fancy the werebab form as well as the story you gave the it.
capnquills Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Student General Artist
why are they so amazing

will people be able to order customs like this in the future?
PhloxeButt Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
aw gosh thank you ;w; and nope! i will be making these for holidays only and they proabably won't always be mantibabs? like i might do critters or phloxes but yeah specially tampered babs and stuff are a holiday only thing uvu

if you mean the references then i will be taking some as commissions in the future uwu
capnquills Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Student General Artist
you're welcome omg <3 but bummer, man!
I mean, it's difficult for me to get one of these special babs because I don't have a paypal account; if I did, I would buy this guy, or at least bid on him because he's just...perfect you don't even know
but yeah, I wish I could get one of the monster babs, especially the vampire or the werebab

god, I want a bab so badly 

but that's cool! I might get one when I actually get a paypal up and running >v<
PhloxeButt Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
aw gosh i'm sorry about that :c
i was considering giving one special bab away via like, contest???? but i'm not sure huff huff. i already have the draw to adopt to judge i really have no time to be doing another contest of sorts uvu;;;
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